French wages slip

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L Austin France
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French wages slip

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Found this blowing around our fields' entrance & thought it interesting compared to my recollection of UK PAYE slips which showed just tax & NI deductions.
The slip is for an apprentice worker & I've obviously not shown his name & address.

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Re: French wages slip

#2 Post by MAD87 »

Oh yes, but it used to be even worse. I still have mly last payslip from UK - 3 lines.

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Re: French wages slip

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I can beat you Mad.
Never had one in my life.

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Re: French wages slip

#4 Post by Spardo »

Remember it well, so long that I barely took notice of it each time to the extent that I completely missed a small deduction of 50 centimes to a transport industry pension scheme.

It was only a couple of years after I retired that, on a visit to the firm to chat to the secretary, she asked 'did you get your Carcept ok? ' Totally mystified she dug out my records and there it was. I applied straight away and asked for it to be back dated to my retirement date. 'Oh no, we don't do that, it starts now' :(

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